OnePlus 5T to feature a telephoto lens with an F1.7 aperture lens

Dual Cameras are now a common thing in flagship smartphones. iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 etc all have it now. All these have a regular wide angle lens along with a portrait lens to get bokeh aka portrait shots.

OnePlus 5T Product Page.

The main issue with all above mentioned phone’s portrait lens is that they had a small aperture lens which meant low light photos came out bad. 

Looking at the OnePlus 5T leaked specs, OnePlus has addressed this issue and has equipped the telephoto lens with an F1.7 aperture lens which is a big deal in my opinion. It also comes with Intelligent Pixel Technology which merges 4 pixels into one, reducing noise in low light images. 

However, there is a catch. The secondary camera is no longer a 50mm sort telephoto lens which you saw in OnePlus 5. Instead, it now has the same focal length lens as the main camera ( 27.22 mm ). So, basically what this means is, OnePlus has equipped 5T with 2 regular cameras instead of wide angle + telephoto combo. This doesn’t mean you can’t take portrait shots. You will have to move a bit closer to the subject. According to the leaked specs, 2x Zoom is supported. 

OnePlus 5T Camera Specs and Features

  • Rear Camera : 16MP Sony IMX 398 with an F1.7 aperture + 20MP IMX 376K with F1.7 aperture
  • Front Camera : 16MP Sony IMX 371 with F2.0 aperture lens
  • Raw Shooting Support : YES
  • Pro Mode : YES
  • 4K recording with EIS support

Source : Android Police


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