OnePlus 5T Launch Date Confirmed – Nov 16 | Amazon Exclusive in India

OnePlus has been teasing the launched OnePlus 5T for a while now on their social media channels. Today they have confirmed OnePlus 5T will launch on Nov 16. It will be available to purchase online in India on Amazon ( Exclusive ).

Expected MRP price is around 40K for the base mode. already has a OnePlus 5T product page up. Check here.

OnePlus 5T is an upgraded variant of current flagship OnePlus 5. So expect it to have a slight spec bump in some areas like Camera, Battery and Display.


Like other 2017 flagship phones, OP5T will come with a Full Vision, Bezel less screen with 18:9 Full HD+ resolution. According to the Gfx benchmark appeared online, this is going to be powered by Snapdragon 835 – same as the older OnePlus 5.

Check out the EvLeaks OnePlus 5T image below.

OnePlus 5T Amazon India Price


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