Reasons to Buy / Not Buy Sony Xperia R1, R1 Plus | Pros and Cons

Sony has just launched Xperia R Series smartphones in India – Xperia R1 and R1 Plus. Price ranges from Rs 12,999 – Rs 14,999 on Amazon India. So is it worth buying for that price ? 

This is one of the smartphones you would find difficult to find any Pros to it when you compare other smartphones at this price range. 

Xperia R1 vs R1 Plus Specs Comparison

Most smartphones priced around 12K – 15K are now powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octacore processor which powers many mid-range Android smarthones released in 2017. It is on devices like Xiaomi Mi Note 4, Mi A1 etc. On Xperia R1 and R1 Plus, you are getting a less powerful Xperia 430 octacore processor instead which is an entry level processor often seen on devices around 8K – for eg Xiaomi Redmi series.

Full HD displays are now available on almost every phone above 10K these days. However, Sony keeps it at 720P HD instead on Xperia R1 series which is a shame. Also, most Android smartphones at this price range ships with bigger batteries. For eg Xiaomi has a 4000mAh battery on many of their smartphones under 15K. Sony chose to just put a 2620mAh one on Xperia R1 and R1 Plus.

Xperia R1 is available in two storage options – 16GB and 32GB. Really ? Dear Sony, this is 2017 and no phone should ship with a 16GB on board storage. This is bad. Also, the base model only has 2GB ram and the Plus variant has 3GB ram. You can easily find plenty 4GB ram android smartphones at this price range in India now.

In the camera department, if you check the product pages at Sony, you would see it is mentioned this has a 13MP Exmor sensor rear camera and an 8MP front camera – both featuring hybrid auto focus. There is no mentioning of the lens aperture. Is it gonna take great images ? I wouldn’t have high hopes, as even many of their high end smartphones are lagging behind in photography, even though Sony makes some class leading image sensors for mobile.

Overall, for Rs 12,999 i wouldn’t recommend this phone.

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